Ask for a Tailor made Itinerary for your next trip to Italy, created by an expert to Italy.personal trip planning and consulting for travelers to Italy only

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To truly experience Italy,
you need inside information...

Upgrade your next trip to Italy, to a "native" scale

Based on the hundreds of trips I made with my family
and planned for  my customers, I will create a rich
and personalized itinerary
.for you


I specialize in Italian vacations only.
This is an endless country which requires in addition to my personal experience,
the constant monitoring of dozens of local information sources on events, festivals, restaurants,
recommended routes, wineries, shops, markets,
children's attractions, museums and more.


I will spare explaining to you the enormous time it takes me to plan that perfect trip at a quality level
(and the tension that follows you whether you did the right choices), so that you can get that special trip you’ve are waiting for

At the end of the day, the difference between a casual trip to Italy and
an amazing one
is a result of several good decisions,
and some great recommendations for places that only insiders know.

How does the service work:

1. Order the service based on the amount of days required for planning.
2. Fill in the
Pre-consultation questionnaire
where you will describe your preferences and preferred "theme"
for the trip (art, nature, shopping, activities or…all)

When in the best timing to order the service?

As I am not travel agent, the best timing to contact me is after booking the plane tickets.
Please allow me up to 2 weeks to work on your itinerary, so don’t wait for the last minute.


Contact information:

Email Address

Phone Office: 972-77-9620484 

Mobile: 972-50-8450430

Working hours: Sunday - Thursday: 9:00 to 16:00 Central European Time